Thursday, August 23, 2012

Michelle Obama Editing Website That Has Prostitutes Give Sex Tips

The Obamas just continue to drag the nation deeper into the pig trough that they wallow in and the tragic thing is that it’s calculated. They have done the focus group studies and taken polls that are telling them a certain segment of the population will respond favorably to their baneful commonality.
The latest in the laundry list of the Obamas‘ pernicious commonness comes from Penny Starr at Michelle Obama is serving as guest editor for It is NBC’s “community of online women” that, as Penny reveals, “offers sexually explicit material, including graphic sex tips from prostitutes, 20 kinky things you So can do, and a list of ‘naughty’ apps for mobile devices.” The online sexual site “includes advice on sex positions, complete with illustrations and detailed explanations on ‘how to do it’ and ‘why you’ll love it.’” A screen shot of a page shows a title “Oral Sex: A Step-by-Step Guide.”
Let me say that the last thing I am is anti-heterosexuality in any way, shape, or form. But, I believe there is a dignity associated with heterosexuality that belongs between a man and a woman, that does not lend itself to what this mimic of a FLOTUS is espousing as guest editor.
What I’m saying is, the American people have the right to expect a certain degree of propriety, culture, reserve, and dignity to be associated with the president’s wife and the title she assumes by virtue of her husband’s position. The majority of the American people are not interested in a FLOTUS who brings to mind the picture of a cheap street-walker sitting in a $20.00 hotel room with a can of beer.
While she didn’t herself comment on any of the sexually explicit content on the site, she is the person serving as the guest editor. She chose to be the guest editor of a site that gives instruction on how to perform oral sex, sexual tips from prostitutes, and a guide on “the top 10 places to hook up” of at all the places Disney World–and how much time you can put into it before risking getting caught.
Where are the class and dignity in her actions? Where are the class and dignity when she wallows/humps around on the floor on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, for a lesbian host that was visibly delighted to watch her writhe on the floor?
A person’s position dictates what is acceptable behavior. But then again, while she has shown no propensity for class and dignity, this latest act isn’t about that at all. It is about reaching a voting demographic. The Obamas are seeing the same numbers we are, and as I have said before, there are three demographics they believe can get him reelected: young voters, black voters, and Hispanic voters.
As I referenced in the beginning, these people do nothing without polls and focus studies. And I’m betting their data show that a certain segment of young people and women will respond favorably to her association with such a rag. But is that what we are to expect from the FLOTUS?

Judging by the way she was dressed at the children’s award ceremony in Los Angeles dressed like an employee of the Bunny Ranch in Nevada–choosing to be the guest editor of this site may be with the idea in mind to get votes, but what the site represents is certainly not out of character for her.
Read Penny Starr‘s article: Michelle Obama ‘Guest Editor’ For Website Featuring Sex Tips–Including From Prostitutes;;; 8/22/12.

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